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Welcome to the SMSI Inc. Security Assessment Support Center. SMSI is dedicated to the business the endeavoring to improve the security posture of every enterprise we serve. In order to meet that goal we need to understand the risks and threats your organization is facing on a daily basis.

In order to understand and quantify risk we need to examine both the past and the present in order to improve security in the future. This kind of information is gathered in a variety of ways. We look to look at historical information such as past police reports and security incident reports. We assess the wide range of physical security options your organization has chosen. We examine policies and training protocols.

However, one of the best sources of information is derived from employees who observe on a daily basis both the strengths and weaknesses of the security program. We at SMSI Inc. value these observations and perceptions and we encourage widespread employee input.

On the following secure page there is a simple and brief questionnaire we would like you to complete. Your participation will be anonymous. We just want to hear how you feel about a few security issues. The responses to this questionnaire will be helpful to SMSI’s on-site security assessment. Anyone wishing to speak with any member of the SMSI Team when we are on-site is encouraged to do so. Your participation is valuable and we thank you.